Guided Tours

The Lonely Planet considers Utrecht to be one of the ten most unsung places in the world. And indeed, Utrecht deserves more attention, as it is a beautiful city with unique features. Themedieval Dom Church and the canals with their picturesque wharves are surely worth a visit.


In the High Middle Ages Utrecht was the most important city of the Netherlands. Its grandeur can still be admired to this day. Not only did Utrecht become an important marketplace, it was(and is again) a bishop’s see. Utrecht is still home to medieval churches and monasteries and has many interesting buildings and abundant scenery. This rich history is best experienced by taking a walk through the city. It will give you an all-round view of community life through the ages. Not only will the highlights be shown, but we will also experience the peaceful atmosphere that can still be found around the corner of busy streets, in beautiful gardens or onthe wharves. You will be surprised by the many unexpected views Utrecht has to offer. The old town’s history is so rich: it feels like taking a trip in a time machine.


I give tours in English. A wide range of topics is available, some of which will also be of interest to visitors from abroad:

  • The origin of the city of Utrecht: waterways, defence, church, trade and markets.
  • Utrecht’s churches.
  • Life in early-modern neighbourhood communities.
  • Poor relief in the Middle Ages.
  • Late-medieval religion.
  • The economic history of Utrecht.
  • Inspiring Utrecht women

Tours in specific churches and museums can be organised.

Tailor-made tours and lectures on cultural-historical themes can be made in consultatin.